Owner Julie Bateman

                    Julie is Owner & Director
                   Kindergarten/Pre-K Teacher 
Let me introduce myself.  I am Julie, a mother of 3 amazing grown children and 2 grandchildren.  I opened this business in 2000 after working as in HR & International and National Executive recruiter/ for many years, I found my true passion for children.
Family is at the center of all I do.  It is my pleasure to stay informed on the current rules and regulations of the State
of Oregon. I enjoy building relationships with families and creating environments filled with love, nurturing
and education.  As a personal favorite, I love Teaching!  It is the heart of my everyday living.  My greatest pleasure in life comes from teaching children.  They still amaze me every day and prove to me, the mind can learn and do many things!  It truly is a place of amazing possibilities, which is why I named it "Amazing Minds Academy"!
I had the privilege to serve on the Board of Directors of PRO, for 6 years and lead as the President of PRO for 1 year.  I
led the Beaverton Chapter of PRO for 6 years, leading & guiding 48 child care providers in my area.   Some of my
duties included teaching classes, providing critical information regarding child care rules and regulations and being
there when they needed advice on running and or opening a child care. 
I also was on the Board of Directors as Northern Regional Director for Local 132 AFSCME, the Child Care Union.
My dedication to the industry and love for children has been my calling in life.  I love to serve both the children of my
community and its members. 
Some of my favorite things to do are reading, serving the community or my church, in one fashion of another and spending time developing curriculum or designing my home.  I am a homebody, dedicated to my 2nd love-children.
Interacting with and fostering the love of learning and building relationships is one of the reasons I love my job.
Feel free to call or email me for any information.