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 Please bring a lunch you know your child will eat!  


Monthly tuition: Please inquire for rates

We have a 5% discount for siblings. 




Hours are between 7 am to 5:30 pm M-F

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References from our Parents


April 19, 2020



To Whom It May Concern:


It is a privilege to write in the recommendation of Julie Bateman.  Our family has had the honor of working with Julie over the past two and a half years, and her impact on us has been substantial.  Julie is an enthusiastic and gifted Master teacher, and any school or program would be lucky to have her as part of their faculty.


Julie has incredible instincts in the classroom and creates a community where students feel safe and valued.  She is dedicated to the success of every single student and is willing to creatively use her resources to support each individual.  I first realized Julie was something special when our then three-year-old son came home and confidently wrote his name for all of us to admire.  He had been attending Julie’s school, Amazing Minds Academy, for about five weeks at that point.  From there, he has grown and thrived beyond anything we could have hoped for, and now at five and preparing to enter kindergarten, he is joyfully completing first-grade level work at a rate that we can barely keep up with! Julie has helped him grow into an enthusiastic learner with her patient, nurturing approach.


One of Julie’s greatest gifts is her ability to reach each and every student in her classroom.  She has experience working with a wide range of learners, from high-functioning kindergartners to toddlers just beginning their learning journey, and with each child, she is able to build a strong, caring relationship that is the foundation of incredible learning dividends. These qualities are essential in any teacher, but when applied to the preschool setting, it takes a truly special person to manage it all.  Julie is nothing short of exceptional.


I highly recommend Julie Bateman; she is the sort of teacher that students remember their whole lives.  I know that our family will always be grateful for the love and care she provided us.


Please contact me with any questions.





Marin Langner

English Teacher

Tualatin High School


May 23, 2015


We have had my son, Wyatt at Amazing Minds Academy since August of 2014 and he has

flourished! As a family, we were hesitant at first, knowing the program was more curriculum

based than play based. However, our hesitancy was quickly dismissed after the first few days.

Our son (four at the time), adapted quickly and he absolutely loved all of his fun schoolwork.


The staff was extremely welcoming, and our son grew to love all of them, especially Julie. She

works tirelessly to make sure the kids learn something new every day, whether through reading,

spelling, and math, or fun crafts & science experiments. She caters to each child individually,

and if we ever have concerns or questions, she is more than willing to discuss them.


We drop Wyatt (4 years) off without hesitation and he never complains about going to school. He wants to do

more schoolwork at home and is currently reading at or above a first-grade level. He does

spelling words, doing math, and brings home countless pieces of art each week. Wyatt has

grown exponentially over the past nine months. We would recommend Amazing Minds

Academy to anyone looking for a place for their child to learn, grow, and make new friendships!


-Jenny and Murray Jenkins



May 27, 2015


Amazing Mind Academy I am writing this letter to enthusiastically recommend the very talented Julie Bateman at the Amazing Minds Academy.

As a parent who has two kids, I cannot express how much I wanted to personally thank you and your excellent staff on a wonderful job teaching our kids (3-until 5 years) and the care you provided while they attended Amazing Minds Academy. Leaving your little one at such a young age is extremely difficult to do, but both my children had a marvelous time growing under your tutelage.


Their experience at Amazing Minds has paid dividends as my daughter progressed through the next stage of her academic life and I am hoping the same for my son. My kids have learned the importance of relationship building. Julie really emphasizes manners and respect for everyone. She runs Holiday parties, themed programs, and enjoyable crafts for kids. She communicates extremely well with the parents and very flexible around your schedule. Please give my warmest hugs to your staff and again I cannot thank you enough for supervision and growth of my children. I give Amazing Minds an A+ and would highly recommend this place for your little one.

Julie you are an extraordinary woman who was born to do what you do! I hope all the parents who entrust their children to you know how lucky they are! We miss you always and our hearts will forever have a huge spot for you and your family!


Thank you!


Kauser Siraj


April 16, 2015


WOW!! Thank you for being the exceptional educator you are.  We are your cheerleaders and feel so blessed to have met you and "ring" your school door bell to drop off our precious child.  You have prepared both kids to start school and continue their education with spectacular skills and talents for both academics and being responsible and caring little people.  We consider you a friend for life and will stop by to give you a hug and catch you up on our lives.


Kathy Rogers


April 2015


JULIE - All caps because of the job you do and effect you have on our little minds.  We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.  It will be sad when we have our last day with you. but the gift you have given them will last a life time! 


Thank you so much!



June 22, 2015


Our daughter, Makena, attended Amazing Minds Academy for two years.  It was difficult to place our daughter in someone else’s care, but we are so thankful that we chose AMA.  Makena is a very quiet, reserved child.  However, it became immediately apparent that she was flourishing in Julie’s capable hands.


Makena loved all of the staff there but has a special fondness of Julie.  While there is plenty of time for creative play, the children receive wonderful instruction and leave Julie’s more than prepared for their next educational endeavor.  Makena will be entering Kindergarten at a public school in the fall, having the ability to do the following:

Play Chess
Do addition and subtraction

Determining if numbers are greater than or less than others

Knowing nouns and verbs

Counting beyond 100, counting by 2’s and 10’s

Knowing if numbers are even or odd

And best of all (in my opinion) able to read a number of books by herself, including Dr. Suess and Berenstain Bear books…not your average just-entering-Kindergarten-reading.  She will no longer let us read to her…she insists on doing all the reading!


Makena has truly flourished under Julie’s care, in every way possible. We highly recommend the school to anyone who wants the best for their children.


Travis & Kristi Arnzen




August 2015


I sent my two kids to Amazing Minds about 2 years. I was amazed how that the curriculum was so well set up!
My daughter could read books before entering the Kindergarten last year. Julie prepared my daughter to start school successfully.


My daughter loves to read books and I thank to Julie for working with my daughter to stimulate her interests.
My 4-year-old son knows 50 states, planets, and can read and write words.
They have fun art/science projects all year long with birthday treats and Valentine /Christmas parties as well.
Healthy and delicious home cooked lunches and snacks which are my son's favorite!
The staff is always welcoming you with smiles and give warm hugs to the kids.
I recommend Amazing Minds Academy to anyone who wants the best for their children's.


Amy Cho





Wow, Thank you doesn’t seem like enough.  When we started on this adventure with your school 3 years ago we had no idea what we would get.  After 3 years my child is very respectful, helpful and an overall great child.  You have done an exceptional job!  Our son has tested in 2nd-grade math and reading as he enters Kindergarten. We moved out of state or we would not be going anywhere.  He plays chess loves math and he reads to "us" his bedtime story each night. 

We will miss Amazing Minds Academy and are forever in your debt for what you have taught our child.

If you are considering Amazing Minds you will not regret it.  It is an exceptional place to take your child.  They truly do make “Amazing Minds”.


Thank you, staff & Julie, for an amazing 3 years.  We will never forget you!




Dec. 23, 2015

5 star *****

My son, Gautam loves Julie, his teachers,  friends, and the School! He loves to be at the school and learns so many new things every day! 

Learning Math ...Reading...Writing ...Art and the worksheets are so much fun, the activities- kids enjoy doing them all day with guidance of their teachers! 

He is having a wonderful time with Julie and I am sure he will cherish his sweet memories at Amazing Minds now and always!

Thank you Amazing Minds Teachers so much for your love, care, and continued support and guidance!! ☺️


Nivedita Prabhakar


June 15, 2016


Julie, you have been an amazing teacher, we are all very sad to be moving but we will never forget you!  You have truly prepared Caleb so much, I cannot wait to see him excel in Kindergarten because of what he has learned.  You also have helped us with potty training, discipline and dealing with the stress of having children.  We are grateful for you and the safe fun and educational environment you have provided for Caleb. We will miss you but will keep in contact.  Griffin Family


June 14, 2016

I want to take this opportunity and thank you for all the care and learning that you've imparted on our daughter in the last year. I must say, that we are very fortunate to have found you (when moved here last year), We can clearly see the improvement in Annica's ability to read, write and do math and art of course!!! and we can't thank you enough for that. She's definitely ready for school. Thanks! again for getting her ready.


I would highly recommend Amazing minds for your commitment and care. Annica will surely miss the school and if we stick around we are sure to send our second one :-) 


Sai Edula 






I really appreciate every bit of effort you put into teaching Yash. The way he has transformed from a shy kid not knowing even the alphabet to reading books on his own now is really remarkable 👍🏼. It was a challenge and you delivered on it so well.


Whatever he chooses to do later in life, for me your school will be one where the strong foundation for his education was laid.


Keep up the great work!








I want to Thank you for providing our child with the skills needed for school.  He loves school so much and I see such growth and learning.  I am often amazed by how much he has learned so quickly.

You handle the demands of this age with such kindness and skill.  This is truly your calling!

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